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Remembering Peter
Peter Prior served as a full-time Reader at St Mary’s from 2001 until 2012 and sadly died last year aged 75 years. He was a man of profound faith and commitment; and these two facets influenced both his actions and his daily life. Peter was a sincere, honest, kindly man and conscientious in everything he undertook. He was also practical and just as much at home ‘at the lathe’ or in the garden as robed to take Evensong. He was never afraid to speak his mind and he held firm convictions on many issues. Peter could be refreshingly blunt – yet without giving offence! He was thorough and purposeful in approach, characteristics reflected in the way he prepared to take a funeral or give an address. He disliked fuss or pretension. In that respect, I think he was at heart a Puritan. Peter had a wry sense of humour and we often enjoyed a chuckle or two before, after – and, yes, even during a service. He always saw the funnier side of things when something unexpectedly went wrong. Peter’s contribution to the pastoral life of Grove Court Residential Home was also much valued and respected. I know he greatly enjoyed that association. A man of principle and integrity, Peter is greatly missed. He gave a good deal of his time and of himself in the service of others. May he rest in peace. Michael Booth Peter at his retirement, with Rector Canon Kevan McCormack and the Revd Dr John Hare