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Kagera Lent Challenge 2017
As part of their Lent Pilgrimage our Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike have launched a Lent Appeal in this diocese for our Link Diocese in Kagera, Tanzania. Our parish received a letter from Bishop Martin asking us to support the Appeal, and several parishioners have taken up the Kagera Lent Challenge. There is a challenge for every day in Lent - one is give 1p for every pair of shoes you own or 2p for each piece of fruit in your fruit bowl. A few weeks ago, I gave a talk during Sunday services about my experience in setting up a community health project in south Tanzania, when I also visited the Kagera region, near Lake Victoria. On my return to the UK, I joined the Kagera Link Working Group, of which Bishop Mike is also a member. Feeding the hungry Kagera is a poor, remote region. The current crisis is linked to climate change. The response of the Anglican Church under Bishop Aaron has been to feed the hungry and support community efforts to farm more effectively. About 85% of the people rely on subsistence farming. There are two rainy seasons – a little and a big rainy one. Unfortunately, the rains have either been meagre or non-existent. The surrounding countries of Burundi and Rwanda are experiencing the same problems. Bishop Aaron of Kagera wrote to Bishop Martin in November, asking for help, and updates in February have told us of relief efforts to at least reach the most vulnerable. The Lent Appeal is about famine relief and the development of more productive, drought-resistant farming techniques, in particular through the Kagera Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP). Improved yield banana trees Growing tomatoes and peppers for market