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CCMP Project
This project has been going for three years and trains local people to: • identify the needs of their community • identify their existing assets • find sustainable solutions to their problems. Follow-up training develops the villagers’ abilities in one of four ways: • Increasing agricultural production by composting, better weed control and better seed varieties. • Identifying new crops, which they can produce and sell in the market, such as tomatoes or peppers. • Developing micro-finance or savings schemes, enabling villagers to borrow and invest in new businesses, such as making school uniforms. • Starting tree nurseries to protect the soil and grow more trees for firewood. Kagera is steep, hilly country where the only fuel is charcoal, as a result there is much soil erosion and bare slopes. Support for projects The aim is to support the CCMP project for a further three years: £15,000 per year. Our Bishops feel that the project is so worth-while that they have asked all parishes to help. Since 1994 – the beginning of the Link – our diocese has supported the English language primary school, the theological college to train priests and Lay Evangelists, and secondary school education for pastors’ children, ensuring a well- educated group able to lead the community. Please support this Lent Appeal to enable the people in our Link diocese to survive and flourish through their own efforts. Please give through St Mary’s or the diocesan website http://www.cofesuffolk.org/world-mission/ kagera Diane Milan A tree nursery