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Seeds of a good life
Gardens can be a wonderful sight to behold, or a tangled mass of weeds, bushes and confusion. They can be formal in character, or uninhibited and free. Each garden displays its own individual characteristics, style and beauty. Gardens can be places of recreation or places to reflect. They can create feelings of wellbeing and peace of mind. They are all part of God’s creation, an environment to be treasured and cultivated with care. Gardens can also mirror life itself during their yearly cycles, in their forms and seasons, the highs and lows of everyday living. For some gardening is a burden, for others a passion. At this time of year, as we approach early Spring and daffodils begin to break bud, many of us begin to think about preparation, seeding and planting. I love my garden, but I’ve always resisted a vegetable patch other than in my head (much to the chagrin of my wife!) However, like a tangible garden, we could also sustain a spiritual garden throughout the year. I presume to suggest some thoughts in preparing my imagined spiritual raised bed of vegetables by planting some special seeds – a garden, may be, for our daily living: Water freely with patience, and cultivate with love and care. Hopefully, your garden will bring forth a good harvest and you will reap what you have sown. Happy Planting, Happy Pruning – and, finally, Happy Reaping! Michael Booth Plant three rows of Peas Three rows of Lettuce Row 1 Peace of mind Row 1 Lettuce be faithful Row 2 Peace of heart Row 2 Lettuce be kind Row 3 Peach of soul Row 3 Lettuce be patient Four rows of Squash Finally, three rows of Thyme Row 1 Squash gossip Row 1 Thyme for each other Row 2 Squash indifference Row 2 Thyme for our family Row 3 Squash grumbling Row 3 Thyme for our friends Row 4 Squash selfishness