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Junior good read
When the world today seems a puzzling and unsettling place, it’s difficult to know how best to explain to young children the issues they are seeing on the news, overhearing in conversations or being presented with at school. So it’s fascinating to find creative teams putting together some stunning picture books where beautiful images and powerful stories address the topics of our time. The Journey by Francesca Sanna is a gentle but challenging account of a family fleeing their home. Written from the perspective of a young child, it looks at what it might be like to leave everything behind and travel many miles to a strange and unfamiliar place. The pictures are bold and the text is sparse. Each image and sentence feels carefully crafted and creates a strong impact. But it’s a story that is sensitively told and you’ll want to take it slowly. And when you’ve come to the last page, you’ll want to turn back to read it all again. Francesca Sanna is receiving great acclaim for this book, which is based on her experience of talking to people who have been forced to seek a new home. While this is a book aimed at children aged 3-7 years, it is a story for all the family to read together. There’s so much here for all of us to pause and ponder. The Journey is available from Browsers Bookshop, 60 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. Catherine Larner