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Time to look up
Having heard about Huntingfield Church from friends who had visited it and loved it, several of us decided to have another Focus Church Crawl. Led, as usual, by Roy Tricker, twenty of us set out one beautiful June day and met at the Huntingfield Arms for lunch, and then walked down a shaded leafy lane to the church. Roy set the scene outside and told us about the building, and then we went into this perfect little church, and the magnificent roof was lit up to show us the most wonderful paintings. In 1848 the Revd William Holland took over the parish he had been gifted, and having travelled with his wife Mildred through Europe, waiting for the parish to become vacant and admiring all the wonderful paintings in the churches, Mildred decided to paint the church roof. The whole church was in great need of repair. The church was closed between September 1859 and April 1860, and using home- made scaffolding, and towards the end suffering acute arthritis from lying on her back much of the time, Mildred painted, in brilliant colours, angels with banners, crowns and shields (pictured above). The result is exquisite. The churchwarden filled us in with personal details and together with Roy’s knowledge we had a perfect time. People who hadn’t met Roy before were surprised to see him lying on the floor, encouraging us to gaze up at the roof timbers! But that is the way to do it. As usual Roy gave us a wonderful day, and we do encourage people to visit this gem of a church. Anna Ashton