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Come and sing – again!
By popular demand, our organist Andrew Clarke (pictured) and choirmaster Bob Pegnall will be leading another Choir Open Day on Saturday 28 April 2018 (postponed from this autumn). Whatever your age, voice or ability, you are welcome to join in this day of music- making, starting with rehearsal workshops at 10.00 am, followed by a performance at 4.00 pm. Look out in the local press or church pew-sheet for further details. Pause for thought … To me, God is bound up with the togetherness of the people worshipping. That's when I notice God most, in group situations. I'm conscious, when I write a religious text, that there’ll be a moment when the group are playing or listening to the music when God may be glimpsed. I'm very much a ‘glimpses of glory’ sort of person. I meander through faith, not expecting very much. I don’t have the sense some people have that God is a constant to me. It's more like the clouds parting, and you get a little shaft in your life. I'm trying to create that shaft of light through the music … Will Todd Composer, Mass in Blue Try Evensong! The last moments of peacefulness before the start of another working week. We are not all part of a working week – ah, but don’t most of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what is going on around us? Before the busy world restarts, Evensong gives a time of reassurance. When the choir is present (Choral Evensong), a new dimension is reached, enabling the congregation to sit and listen to the choir more than at any other service. Try Evensong; try Choral Evensong; they are lovely services! Mary Blyton Note: The next Choral Evensong is on Sunday 3 December at 6.30 pm