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News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Market Square life-saver
There’s nothing like a concentration of events to concentrate the mind! November is a busy month for the Friends of St Mary’s. We are hosting three events: a Wine Tasting on the 10th; our annual Prom on the 19th and an Afternoon Recital and Auction of Promises on the 26th (see p.13). Please come to one or more if you can. Community resource Anyone with a sharp eye may have noticed another Woodbridge defibrillator – this one in bright yellow on the side of St Mary’s Church Centre (pictured above). This has been purchased by the Friends, not only for the benefit of anyone suffering a suspected cardiac arrest in St Mary’s congregation, but also as a resource for the wider community around Market Square. The casing containing the defibrillator has an entry code and if someone has collapsed, the emergency services will provide the code which allows the unit to be accessed. It can then be used by anyone, with no training needed. It will only deliver a shock if someone has suffered a cardiac arrest and if used quickly enough, it should ensure a better than 50% chance of recovery. While there are other defibrillators dotted around Woodbridge – for example, outside the main Co-op and the Cruising Club – proximity and speed are critical. While we hope the Church Centre unit never has to be used, one day it could just save a life. Finally, we are delighted to report that essential repairs to St Mary’s North Porch are underway and seem to be going well. The Friends are pleased to support this project and provide further help if and when required. NC