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News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Guiding lights
Guiding in Woodbridge continues to flourish! Current demand has meant that two Units have opened this year, with Senior Section (14-18+) re- opening and, very recently, a second group of Rainbows (5-7). They join the other Rainbow, one Guide (10-14) and two Brownie (7-10) Units, alongside others in nearby villages. Guiding offers opportunities for fun and adventure, promotes awareness of the world and allows girls to develop a wide range of skills: outdoor, personal and social, domestic, creative, etc. Girls take what they do in Guiding with them as they grow up. They develop the skills and confidence that they need to reach their potential – as students, colleagues, parents, friends and citizens. Guiders come from all walks of life and have a genuine desire to help girls and young women gain confidence and prepare for their adult lives, through fun-filled and exciting activities. There is a range of leadership and support roles available. Enquiries by potential members are always welcome! To register an interest as a young member or adult volunteer, please use https://www. girlguiding.org.uk/get-involved/ or contact Seckford District Commissioner on 01394 383257. Pictured: St Mary’s Guides’ Colour Party before the closing ceremony at Suffolk Scout & Guide Camp at Bentwaters this August. GraveTalk at St Mary’s GraveTalk is a way of talking about death and dying in small supportive groups. Devised by the Diocese of Lichfield, the format has proven popular with many churches. At St Mary’s we have held three sessions over the past year, the latest on 18 October. Anyone can come and we discuss issues relating to death, dying and funerals. There is a facilitator in each group who encourages people to talk about their experiences. After 45 minutes or so, we come together as a larger group for general discussion. Each session lasts about 90 minutes. The feedback has been very positive. We plan to run GraveTalk groups up to four times a year, and dates of future sessions will be available in the Church Centre and pew-sheet. Caroline & Jeremy Hawksley