Outlook Issue 25 Spring 2018
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Junior good read
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls In this year of centenary celebrations to mark the anniversary of the vote for women in 1918, there has been an abundance of beautiful, informative and innovative books published to help young readers approach this subject. One of the most interesting and successful has been Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This large, lavishly illustrated hardback features 100 tales of extraordinary women. Many are familiar names and there are many more who are less well-known. They include mathematicians and supermodels, dancers and motorcyclists, royalty and students, politicians and artists. There are the stories of Marie Curie and Serena Williams, of Amelia Earhart and Coco Chanel, of Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale. With wide-ranging talents, these women have variously overcome adversity, obstacles and opposition to achieve excellence in their different fields of expertise and passion, and their stories are inspirational. The book itself was published through a crowdfunding project and was conceived by entrepreneurs Elena Ravioli and Francesca Cavalla. They had researched the lack of female role models in children’s literature and decided to write a book which told a different story. ‘We know first-hand how hard it is to succeed, to be considered, to be given a chance’, they have said. Beautifully presented, with text facing images of the women drawn by some 60 different female illustrators, the book is one to dip into again and again. It is a book for girls and young women, and their mothers and grandmothers, but these are also stories for men and boys! There are lessons and encouragement here for all of us. Catherine Larner Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is £20 and volume two has just been published. They are both available from Browsers Bookshop, 60 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge. Junior Church @ St Mary’s Woodbridge On Good Friday, we will hold a simple service for children and families at 9.30 am, followed by children’s activities in the Church Centre until 11.30 am. This is a gentle opportunity to find out more about the Easter Story. Hands-on craft and cooking activities follow, so that every child will be able to take home something that he or she has made. We will work together to create the large Easter Garden, which is moved into church for Easter Day. We will also be baking bread, some of which will be used to celebrate Holy Communion in church on Easter morning. It is a joy to see the smallest and youngest members of our congregation playing such a central role in our Easter Day service, and it is greatly appreciated by the whole congregation. Why not come along and join in? All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you! Virginia Spray