Outlook Issue 25 Spring 2018
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Mind the potholes!
Increasingly, our roads are pothole-ridden, causing drivers and their passengers sudden discomfort and cars and exhausts unwanted damage. Some Councils complain that cuts to budgets make pothole repairs a lesser priority as they cope with mounting bills for other services – yet another problem joining the list of ‘ailments’ besetting our society and communities in this age of disenchantment. Poverty, violence, refugees, immigration, Brexit – these are just some of those symbolic potholes that mar the smooth progress to peace, harmony, progress and goodwill. All priorities we urgently need to address. All matters that cause disruption, distress, disunity and ill-will. Problems that do little to brighten the cold days and leaden skies that are so much part of winter. It is February and in the car I pass a hedgerow where I observe some daffodils, one of my favourite flowers, making an early solitary rush to herald the wonders of Spring. Further on my journey, I see another isolated clump of daffodils in bud, about to burst forth into a sunshine of gold. My spirits rise and so does my annual hope that the miracle of new life is about to dawn again. Around the corner, in a field, two early lambs gambol alongside their mother. Suddenly, the gloom of winter and those wretched potholes begin to be translated into the anticipation, joy and hope of Spring. This annual hope is the perennial hope, that ultimately all will be well. If we all prioritise that hope in order to prosper those things for which we hope, our hope might be rewarded. Those priorities of peace and concord and an end to war, refugees and poverty, to name but a few, will and should become realities. Signs of hope The joy and promise of Easter will be another catalyst in the quest. We must all work at the potholes of life, not circumnavigate them – that’s the easy way out. We must look for, and help to nurture, those sunny, yellow daffodils, those signs of hope. Look for them as they endeavour to grow in barren and unlikely places and at unlikely times. Sustain that hope and be forever hopeful! Winter is always a pothole! Spring is an annual offering of hope, colour and new life. Spring is nearly upon us once more in all its freshness and glory. Seize its hope, utilise the miracles it brings, embrace it with all the energy you can muster! Be glad to be alive! Hallelujah! Michael Booth Emma Iles: Solva Harbour, March 2018