Outlook Issue 26 Winter 2018
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Second time lucky
Second time lucky for Minott Gaillard How far would someone travel to take part in a Suffolk church’s Choral Open Day? The answer in the case of Minott Gaillard was all the way from Ohio. Minott, who left Suffolk after his US Air Force tour with the 67th Airspace Rescue and Recovery Squadron at the end of the ’70s, returned to Woodbridge especially to sing in St Mary’s Church. He was one of over 100 guests who joined the choir to sing a programme of mainly English Ceremonial music, including arrangements by Parry, Stanford and Vaughan Williams. He is pictured here with Jacky Bardwell at the Choral Open Day. In fact, for Minott, who himself used to sing in St Mary’s Choir, the marathon trip was second time lucky. After seeing on St Mary’s Church website that a Choral Open Day was scheduled for October 2017, he decided to surprise old friends and duly booked his ticket. Unfortunately the October event had to be postponed – too late for Minott to cancel – but he came anyway for a short break and returned in April to take part. According to St Mary’s Choirmaster Bob Pegnall, ‘He absolutely loved the day and so enjoyed singing in St Mary’s again.’ Mothers’ Union The second half of this year has been just as busy as the first. In August we met at Jean Waller’s home for ‘Tea, Chat and Cake’. It was unfortunate that the heavens decided to open and rain heavily all afternoon, but everyone enjoyed themselves, dry indoors! In September our guest speaker, Diane Milan, updated us on our Kagera link, a very informative talk on church and community life. In October we discussed a social topic theme, and in November had a talk on Japan. Come and join us on 13 December for an afternoon of Christmas Carols and Readings, and on 11 January for New Year’s Lunch (£6.00). To find out more about the Mothers’ Union, please pick up a leaflet in church or take a look at our noticeboard (under the tower.) Contacts: Jean Cobb (01473-621558) or Rachel Jolley (01394-766907) Jean Cobb