Outlook Issue 27 Spring 2019
News and Views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
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Spotlight on Daisy
Spotlight on Daisy, the Parish Office Dog BEWARE! WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER ON DUTY! This is the warning that greets anyone approaching the Parish Office. The terrier concerned is Daisy, the Parish Office Dog, faithful guardian of the Parish Secretary (her top priority), the Parish Office, and, she thinks, most of the parish too. Daisy began her career as Parish Office Dog at just eleven weeks old, and has just started her tenth year in post. It is she who decides who comes and goes. When the door slams downstairs, heralding a visitor, Daisy moves quickly from her lair beneath the desk to sit enquiringly on the top step, ready to greet or turn away. Bearded men – her bête noire – will never gain entry, while others are diplomatically accepted. A favoured few are welcomed unreservedly – could it be that she senses the Bonio somewhere in that bag or that pocket? Daisy is not averse to a bit of fun, however; one of her favourite toys, a pink plastic pig, produces the most wonderfully resounding ‘raspberry’ when squeezed. But Daisy is a responsible citizen, and takes her turn at Neighbourhood Watch; from her perch on top of the desk, she checks out any suspicious activity on Market Hill. MH Singing together The Woodbridge Combined Care Homes Choir, led by Megan Peel, performed their Christmas Carol Concert at the Woodbridge Methodist Church back in December. They are now busy working on the programme for their Summer Concert on Wednesday 26 June. The choir consists of residents, relatives, friends and staff of Seckford Almshouses, Jubilee House, Grove Court and Woodbridge Lodge. It is funded by Comic Relief and was launched in February 2018 (pictured). It offers care home residents, their families and staff the chance to participate in and enjoy a shared interest and the opportunity to sing and to perform, as well as to meet people from other care settings who may be experiencing situations similar to their own. Music and singing are very uplifting and we are delighted to share these experiences within our own very special community choir. Sarah Kopferschmitt Head of Care, Seckford Almshouses