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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 3 Summer 2007
suffolk historic churches trust

On your bike

One of our most enjoyable days out is the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Bike Ride which takes place each year on the second Saturday in September. Cyclists visit as many churches as they like on the list, in any order. Walking is also an option. We have participated over twenty times now. It is nearly always fine, but cagoules are advised. Woodbridge is a good start point with seven or eight churches open before heading off towards surrounding villages. Pack up a picnic and get to your first church for the 10 am start. Wear comfortable clothes. By the finish time of 6pm you can feel quite tired! Each church has someone on duty to sign your sponsor form. They are most hospitable with drinks and biscuits (and a loo if you're lucky!)

In recent years we have taken our bikes to a different start town to explore a new area. We have visited a wealth of beautiful mediaeval churches, some of which have few people to care for them and very low income, but still need a lot of upkeep. Between villages I enjoy stopping to pick delicious blackberries, so thirst quenching! Tony sails on, oblivious, with OS map in hand. The wildlife is wonderful: birds, trees, flowers, as well as the sounds of nature. It is worth trying and good for families too! Further information on the next Bike Ride (Saturday 8 September) from Greg Spray.

St. Marys Guides

Flowering talent

St Marys Church Guides showed just how creative they could be when they prepared the flower posies presented on Mothering Sunday.