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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 3 Summer 2007

Christian Aid bears fruit

christian aid bears fruit

Strengthening the riverbank in El Salvador, just one of Christian Aids many overseas projects.

Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton try to cover the whole of Woodbridge and Melton for the house-to-house collection during Christian Aid Week. Generally Christians do the collecting, but irrespective of creed or colour the aid goes to the needy of the Third World. Thanks to your generosity a mighty 6,316 was raised this year plus 800 from Gift Aid.

Christian Aid works with local partners to help people help themselves, like the mango seed planted by Abdoulaye Diack in Seroume, Senegal which grew into a better future for his community. Abdoulayes daughter Mairam is happy because she can prepare mangoes for the whole village to enjoy. And because there is now plenty more fruit to sell at market, her father has encouraged many people to plant trees. This is improving their way of life and regenerating the area where they live, which had become like a desert. Christian Aid partner Union pour la Solidarité et lEntraide provides the training, saplings and tools for communities like Abdoulayes to grow throughout northern Senegal. They can do this because of your help.

Celebrating God in Creation

A programme of events Celebrating God in Creation opens on 9 August with a Guided Prayer Walk led by churchwarden Michael Stagg. The programme continues with a Quiet Day at Stutton Church on 12 September led by Canon Sylvia Chapman and Jill Hawes. The day includes two Thinking through Doing meditations, with clay-modelling and collage creation in the afternoon. Enjoy a picnic and wander down to the nearby River Stour. Details of both events can be found at the back of the church everyone welcome!