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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 3 Summer 2007
rochford house annual reception

Rochford House rocks!

St Marys House recently echoed to the sound of drum and base, as young and old came together for a lively Rochford House Annual Reception. In addition to the decks, there was poster making, paper tower building and even a demonstration baby the one used to train Rochford House young people in baby-sitting skills.

First Aid - present and past

What would you do if you witnessed an accident or if somebody collapsed in front of you? Call for medical assistance certainly, but also do something to try and stabilise the victims condition there and then. Those who have completed the one-day Red Cross First Aid Course are in a good position to help, having learnt the basic techniques of resuscitation, preventing choking, stopping severe bleeding and putting a person in the recovery position. Courses for up to twelve people are available from the Red Cross locally and are run to suit different groups, either at the Red Cross Centre at 37 Theatre Street, Woodbridge or another organisations premises. Costing 24.68 including VAT, "the course offers a good grounding in basic First Aid and is a useful addition to a CV", says organiser, Dawn Scotcher. For further details, telephone 07903 567012.

red cross

Woodbridge & District British Red Cross: A History 1910-2007 is now available at Woodbridge Books, Browsers and the Red Cross Shop. Written and painstakingly compiled by Dorothy Kellogg, its a beautifully illustrated slice of social history and at 8 a copy is well worth a look.