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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 4 Winter 2007

Dunnerin brass or tinkling cymbal?

Words. Words. My ears were ringing with all this party political talk not to mention the media speculation. So I was pleased to find a verbal antidote on a recent flying visit to the north; words that I almost missed, so dazzled was I by the new Scottish parliament building. Words that by contrast were so humbly engraved on a paving slab that you or I might never notice them. And this is what they said:

Gin I speak wi the tungs
o men an angels
but hae nae luve I my hairt
I am nane better
than dunnerin brass
nor a tinkling cymbal.
                      From the New Testament in Scots: I Corinthians 13.1

And when I sat later in the visitors gallery, looking down on the debating chamber, I thought of the MPs who meet there, and of the architect who set them this noble ideal, which is also a warning. A warning that for these MPs, eloquence is not enough; scoring points is not enough; arguing your case is not enough, unless it springs from love of those they represent and of the world they live in.

And doesnt this go for the written word too? When Paul wrote that letter to the Corinthians, did he do it out of love for them all? When I write these words, do I do it out of love for you? When sermons are preached, are they spoken out of love for us all? Are you convinced, like Paul, that without love they are just a big noise or a lot of hot air?

Its good to talk, as the old BT slogan had it. Its even better when we talk in love. "God be in my mouth and in my speaking." A little prayer for our MPs and for us all?

Where in Woodbridge?

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