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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 4 Winter 2007

A Prayer for Advent

DEAR GOD our Father, we are getting ready for Christmas:

preparing for carol services
rehearsing nativity plays
buying presents

We thank you for all the preparations you made for the first Christmas:

through the prophets you told people to get ready for Jesus
you gave a baby, John, to Zechariah and Elisabeth
you chose Mary to be Jesus mother
you called wise men from far away

As we prepare to enjoy Jesus birthday:

make us ready to listen carefully to the Christmas story
and to make room for Jesus in our hearts.

Christmas Quiz

  1. What do we call a hymn sung at Christmas?
  2. Which three evergreens bear berries in winter?
  3. Where did the Christian custom of the Crib come from?
  4. What is another name for Twelfth Night?
  5. When is St Stephens Day?
  6. What are three traditional things to eat at Christmas?
  7. What are the three traditional names of the Wise Men?
  8. Where did Mary and Joseph have to register to pay their taxes?
  9. What does the name Jesus mean?
  10. Where did St Nicholas originally come from?
  11. Why was Jesus born in a stable?
  12. What did my true love send to me on the eighth day of Christmas?

Answers on p21