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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 4 Winter 2007
christmas tree

Make Christmas decorations ...

If you dont have any Christmas biscuit-cutters, or templates in Christmas shapes, you can make your own. On a piece of cardboard draw the shapes you would like to make. The easier ones to draw are a bell, star, stocking, angel, Christmas tree or you could try a reindeer, Father Christmas, Wise Man, shepherd, snowflake, heart, snowman or some holly.

  1. Press your biscuit cutter or template firmly into a slice of bread and then press the shape out of the cutter.
  2. Press the end of a straw into the top of the shape to make a hole. Dont make the hole too close to the edge! Make more bread shapes and leave them on a baking rack overnight to harden.
  3. Mix a little paint with some household glue (PVA). Paint it along the edges of the shapes.
  4. Paint one side of the shapes. When the paint is dry, turn them over and paint the other side.
  5. Glue lots of glitter onto each side of the shapes. You could glue on tiny beads and sequins, too.
  6. Push a long piece of thick thread through the hole. Make a loop in the end of the thread. Push the ends of the thread through the loop to make a knot. Pull the knot tight.

These decorations do not need to be made with bread. You could use cardboard or thick paper. You could make them as a present for your family, friends or teachers.

Junior Outlook was contributed by Katherine Pickthorn

Answers to Christmas Quiz p20: 1. A carol  2. Holly, ivy, mistletoe  3. Italy  4. Epiphany  5. Boxing Day (26 December)  6. Turkey, goose, plum pudding, Christmas cake, dates, mince pies nuts, brandy butter  7. Balthasar, Caspar,and Melchior  8. Bethlehem  9. Son of God  10. Turkey  11. No room for Mary & Joseph at the inn  12. Eight maids-a-milking.