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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 4 Winter 2007

Pedal Power

If you're building up for a big bike ride but need time to warm to the idea, put 14th September 2008 in your diary next years Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Sponsored Bike Ride. According to local organiser Greg Spray (pictured right with eight-year-old son David and sons godfather Lionel Green), this years event raised more than 250 with cyclists able to visit over 600 churches across the county. Its a great day out and my son rode 26 miles to visit 24 churches a great achievement, said Greg. Next year perhaps the Rector would like to join us!

On course for Emmaus

The Emmaus Nurture Course, starting this November and continuing in January, is for Christians who want to learn more about their faith. Designed for growing Christians, it aims to help them progress from knowing little about the Christian faith to being established as new Christians in the life of the Church. It is equally suitable for those who simply want to think about their faith or who seek a refresher course on basic Christian belief, but it is most especially for new Christians. The course is in three sections: Part 1 What Christians believe; Part 2 Believing in God; Part 3 Living the Christian Life. Sessions last about 90 minutes. Further details from the Parish Office

Anyone for coffee?

Dear Outlook readers
Enjoy a chat over coffee? May I remind you about our Parish Coffee Mornings, which take place at St Marys House on the second Tuesday of each month from 1030 to 1200.

Designed as a drop-in for everyone, its a time for people to get together over a cup of coffee and biscuits and simply Have a Chat. Come and catch up with old friends, or make new ones. Stay all morning, or just call in for a quick coffee to recharge your batteries on your way to the shops or after dropping the children off at school.

Our next get-together will be on Tuesday 13th November. Just 50p for coffee and biscuits (or tea, if you prefer).

Looking forward to meeting you, Beryl Dyer.

Outlook welcomes your views on life and events around the parish.