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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 5 Spring 2008
Beryl and Vic Dyer

Five minutes with Beryl Dyer -

Christian faith in action
Beryls reassuringly cheerful face (right) will be familiar to everyone at St Marys. An Elder and Server, shes a key figure at Parish Eucharists, a reliable stalwart who assists the clergy.
But theres far more to her life than that

M  You do so much at St Marys, quite a list!

B  Well, I sit on the Deanery Synod and PCC also on the Strategic Planning Committee, which is working on some exciting new initiatives. We are hoping to start a crèche, for example, and weve found eight families who are interested. As well as the mums, I want to find some surrogate grandmothers to help, nice for them and the children.

M  So what have you been up to lately?

B  Today I ran the Parish Coffee Morning. I enjoy chatting to the people who drop in then cleared and cashed up. After that, I helped the Curate with the childrens confirmation class at his house. Now Im here!

M  And Im sure theres far more.

B  Yes, there are the weddings, when Im verger; its good to meet the bride and groom and make sure we do our best for them. And I help to plan the ecumenical Taiz services when theyre held at St Marys.

M  But what about your spare time, if any?

B  I help with the RNLI, 20 years as branch souvenir secretary, and with MENCAP and Martlesham Ladies Club, treasurer of both for 17 years. I like to support the East Anglian Childrens Hospices too. My hobby is cake decorating; I made eleven Christmas cakes this year, some for friends and family and some were raffled for charity.

M  So much voluntary work what do you enjoy the most?

B  Best of all is being with people, all ages, helping and caring as much as I possibly can. Its been a great privilege to be part of St Marys, for over 25 years now. Being an Elder is especially rewarding: Ive learned a lot, and I love helping with Holy Communion at Seckford Almshouses.

M  A little bird tells me theres a special date coming up this year.

B  Yes, Vic and I both retire completely and will be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary with a cruise around Norway in July. Id never have been able to do so much for others without Vic; hes a wonderful rock and support to me. Hes just taken over as St Marys Concerts Co-ordinator, by the way, something to keep him busy in retirement.