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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 5 Spring 2008
...continued (Im getting married in St Marys)

On the big day itself we were nervous, but from the start Kevan told us to follow his lead and this helped us to relax and enjoy the ceremony. It was a very special service and so much of that came from Kevan's warm and engaging manner, including a moving and thought-provoking address, which was very memorable. What also made the ceremony so unforgettable was the involvement of so many people who gave of their time: the ladies who decorated the church with flowers, the choir, the organist, the bellringers and Kevan's assistants during the service. And of course, having all our friends and family together was magical.

In August this year we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and our memories of that happy day are as clear and fresh as ever. Within twelve months of getting married we were blessed with the arrival of identical twin boys, Jack and Tom, so our lives have been very busy recently! We try to return to Woodbridge whenever we can, and every time we have a competition to see who can see the tower of St Marys first! We will have a bond with this special place forever and will pass this on to our boys over the coming years.

Our advice to other couples wanting to get married at St Marys would be to put a lot of thought into the kind of service that is right for you. At times we would visit Kevan without too much preparation! Luckily, he was very patient with us and he helped and advised us, the result being a wonderful service and a very special day.

Wedding pointers

  • By law the preliminaries to marriage normally take at least fifteen days to be satisfied.
  • We could arrange a wedding within the above timescale if necessary, but in practice this puts quite a bit of pressure on the couple to be married.
  • Fees for weddings are in two categories: legal fees and local fees. Together with couples using the all the support we can provide the cost in 2008 would be about 580, excluding the cost of flowers and copyright fees for the use of video or camcorder.