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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 5 Spring 2008

Practical advice from your local CAB

What do you do if your neighbours dog barks incessantly whenever they leave for work? Or what do you do if the chair in a recently-purchased three-piece suite begins to creak ominously when you sit down to watch your favourite soap? Or, more seriously, where do you go when you cannot afford the payments on your store card and you are losing sleep with worry?

These are some of the many problems which the Citizens Advice Bureau, or CAB as its known, confront and help you to solve. Theres now an outpost of the Leiston and Felixstowe CAB offering advice every Thursday morning from 1000-1200 in the Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge.

The CAB was started during World War II, when large numbers of people moved to different parts of the country. People with local knowledge were needed to give advice, and so the CAB was born often in such places as caravans in car parks. Now, some sixty years later, the problems are different, but the aim is the same: to advise enquirers on possible options for solving a problem, enabling them to take the necessary action.

Each bureau is a registered charity, run largely by volunteers and supported by paid staff with a committee of trustees. Ipswich is our local bureau, with further bureaux in Felixstowe and Leiston. Each is funded by its local council in proportion to the domicile of the number of enquirers, but where expansion is needed, donations must be sought. Ipswich and Leiston bureaux are small independent charities, constantly seeking the resources to meet the local need. Volunteer advisers are also needed at both bureaux.

Contact CAB offices at     Ipswich: 01473 219777
Leiston: 01728 832193
Felixstowe: 01394 275958
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Where in Woodbridge?

Do you recognise this lions head and know where it is?

If so, just send the answer with your name and telephone number to: Outlook Competition, St Marys Shop, marked Where in Woodbridge? and well try not to lose it!

Entries by 20 March, please. There will be a prize for the first correct entry opened.