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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 6 Summer 2008

Seaside puzzle

Which Suffolk seasides are hidden in these muddled words?

1.  At the mouth of the river Alde: NESLIGH TESTER

2.  Freddie Cooper is the name of the lifeboat here: HELBUGRAD

3.  You can row, swim, play tennis or watch birds here: HERESPONTS

4.  Catching crabs or catching a ferry: WADYEBS

5.  On the south of the River Deben: DLIADNIFREGWL

6.  Sand, shingle and colourful beach huts: DOHOLWUST

7.  Sea defences have kept this beach going: TASE ENLA

8.  A picnic and walk around an ancient city under the sea: HIDWUNC

9.  Annual crabbing competition and a sandy beach: SKREWIBRACW

10. A pub lunch outside watching the boats on the river: TRALOMSH

A day on the beach

bucket and spade

On the beach I found a leech
In the sand and I put it in my hand.
Then I went to pick a lovely peach
I went to tell my friend, and I said,
"Shall we have a peach each?"
I could only just about reach.

Then I looked at the lovely sea and
The waves were coming to the shore,
There came a lot more,
They kept on coming to the shore.

I went to find my bucket and spade
And I went to dig in the shade,
And I looked at the hole that I had made,
Then I went to the water to have a wade.

Then we sat down in the sun
And ate our buns and it was so much fun.
Then we ate our peaches with cream
And our day on the beach was like a wonderful dream.