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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 6 Summer 2008
Paul Hambling

From hard hats to home Communion

Well, life as the Assistant Curate is never dull at St Marys. Part of my responsibility is health and safety, so one moment I might have to order hard hats for people to wear in the tower (and no, I dont think the bell-ringing is that dangerous) and the next minute I could be taking Holy Communion to someone at home, or having a chat with someone in the Thoroughfare or on the platform whilst waiting for a train. In the course of a week, I am privileged to come across all sorts of people whose lives are very different. It is good to chat about everyday things with them, like football or the latest new iPod, of which I know very little even if I am the parish IT manager!

So the hard hats ordered from the Parish Office and the conversation on the platform all keep me busy during my week, as does walking my dog and trying to stop him from thinking that any unattended food belongs to him. I still havent quite got over the fact that he ate my Christmas cake.

And so to another week, which could bring a school assembly, a sermon to write, a course to attend and a dog to walk. Whether were talking about home Communion or the requirement for hard hats, my duties as Assistant Curate would be impossible without the support of the community around me and thanks to everyone who supported me with their prayers or came to the Cathedral when I was ordained priest on 28 June.

Paul after his ordination as priest

Paul with parish members after his Ordination at Bury St Edmunds Cathedral