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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 6 Summer 2008

Rooting out poverty

Thanks to your generosity during Christian Aid Week in May, we collected 5931.26. Many donations were gift-aided, enabling Christian Aid to claim back income tax, totalling a further 800+. Christian Aid Week operates nationwide each May, and Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton aim to deliver the charitys envelopes to every letterbox in the area, returning to collect any donations. We dont manage to cover quite every street, so if you would like to help us be more efficient next year, please hand in your name, address and/or telephone number to St Marys Shop.

Zaforganj Women's Forum in Bangladesh building a new centre

Members of the Zaforganj Women's Forum in Bangladesh shift earth from one side of the road to the other, raising the ground above flood levels in preparation for building a new forum centre. © Christian Aid / Amanda Farrant

Christian Aid is passionate about rooting out poverty; it funds long-term development and responds to emergencies. It helps people of all faiths and none to find their own lasting solutions to poverty. Using 600 partners in 50 countries, it takes direct action through local organisations, and never gives money to governments. Find out more from www.christianaid.org.uk or ring 0845 700 0300.

Help us fund raise

Christian Aid require our help! If our community, represented by Churches Together in Woodbridge & Melton, can raise at least 5,000 for Christian Aid, the European Community will quadruple that sum. This is quite a challenge. But we have plans so please watch this space! We have already raised almost 1,000 from the weekly lunches held in St Mary's House during Lent this year. We intend to repeat them next year, and hope you will join us then. In the meantime on Friday 12 September at 1930 in St Andrew's Church, Melton larger-than-life retired clergyman, John Berg, will be Master of Ceremonies at a multimedia presentation of all things Japanese, based on his experiences there. This will not be just another slide-show and you will kick yourself if you miss it! Tickets are 10 from St Marys Shop or telephone 384370. Please remember each ticket sold will be worth 40 to Christian Aid. That's an awful lot of clean and safe drinking water and children's rehydration treatment! Many thanks for your support.