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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 6 Summer 2008
Erdem Misirlioglu

Play it again, Erdem!

Readers who were lucky enough to hear talented young pianist Erdem Misirlioğlu (pictured left) perform at St Marys and/or the Abbey School last year will perhaps not be surprised to learn that he reached the finals of the BBCs Young Musician of the Year in May. Performing at the Cardiff Millennium Centre was the climax of a twelve-month process for Erdem, who lives locally and has won a scholarship to study at the London Guildhall, having recently completed his A-Levels. Congratulations to him on officially becoming the most promising young pianist in the country! We hope to hear him playing again in Woodbridge in the not too distant future.

New beginnings

St Mary's Focus Group has another busy programme this year and new-comers, both men and women, are welcome to our monthly meetings, from February to October. We focus on one subject a year; this year it is New beginnings, and Assistant Curate Paul Hambling appropriately started us off. We come together to learn from our speakers and each other, to pray together and share compassion and a social concern. Other activities include church visits, a stall at the Christmas Fair, and on Palm Sunday providing supper for the Student Cross pilgrims on their way to Walsingham. In July we visited the Suffolk Punch Trust; in August we are to hold our annual party, ending with Compline; in September Roy Tricker is giving a talk; and in October we are repeating our popular Any Questions. The annual subscription is 5, and any surplus after a gift to speakers goes to charity. Do come and join us; you will be given a very warm welcome.

where in woodbridge?

Where in Woodbridge?

Do you recognise this view and know where it is? If so, just send the answer with your name and telephone number to: Outlook Competition, St Marys Shop, marked Where in Woodbridge? There will be a prize for the first correct entry opened.

Deadline for entries: 15 August, 2008.