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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 6 Summer 2008

Reaching out ...

You dont need to be a professional historian to know that the human race has always been aware of something existing beyond human experience, what is also called transcendence. We see this in the worship of mountains and rivers, of trees, of the sun and moon, of the seasons, of animals, of the spirits of our ancestors. The common thread is that there is something out there, which we hope is on our side, but which we cannot ignore anyway. The wonderful film ET, about the loveable alien from space, spoke perfectly to the need to feel that there was something on our side out there.

And that is why prayer is so natural in our lives. It is not available only to the religious. Very few people in a crisis fail to offer up a cry for help. They are not just hedging their bets, but responding to an irresistible urge to get help from a world beyond their experience. That urge we all have in common. Prayer is all around us. It is natural. The prayer below is Christian, but it speaks for all views of the transcendent.

Be still, and know that I am God

Psalm 46.10

God of stillness and creative action,
help us to find space for quietness today
that we may live creatively,
discover the inner meaning of silence
and learn the wisdom that heals the world.
Send peace and joy to each quiet place,
to all who are waiting and listening.
May your still small voice be heard
through Christ in the love of the Spirit. Amen

A prayer from the Hempnall Group of Parishes