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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 7 Winter 2008

Where in Woodbridge?

where in woodbridge?

Do you recognise this view and know where it is? If so, just send the answer with your name and telephone number to:

Outlook Competition, St Marys Shop, marked Where in Woodbridge? There will be a prize for the first correct entry opened.

Deadline for entries: 14 November 2008

Outlook archive

Thanks to all our readers who have entered Where in Woodbridge? so far. Here are the results from the last three competitions

Quaker burial ground Red Cross Shop, Thoroughfare Red House, Cumberland Street
Summer 2008
The Quaker Burial Ground,
Turn Lane
Spring 2008
Red Cross Shop,
Winter 2007
Red House,
Cumberland Street

More pictures, please

Do you have an unusual picture of Woodbridge? Drop it into St Marys Shop, marked for Nick Cottam or e-mail it to nick@nickcottam.com. Special prizes for more stunning entries the more intriguing the better!