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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 8 Spring 2009

The eyes have it ...

Many people reading this will know of relations or friends who are unable to read because they suffer from some form of macular disease.

I recently attended a three-day course run by the Macular Disease Society as part of a research project funded by the Lottery Commission. The course aimed to train eight volunteers to read eccentrically by using their periphery vision and to train us to pass on the skills to others.

This method does not offer miracles, but it should improve ones ability to deal with utility bills, labels on cans and bottles, recognising faces and clarifying a TV picture. It helps to retain independence and is good for morale by encouraging one to think in terms of what one can see rather than what one cannot.

I cannot guarantee anything because all eyes are different, but you are very welcome to try it. There is no charge for three one-hour sessions spread over about two months. You would need to come to me at 8 Tanyard Court, Woodbridge, conveniently located on the regular twenty-minute Ipswich bus route. Bring your reading glasses and any visual aids you have.

To find out more or to discuss the help available, either ring the Societys Helpline 0845 241 2041 or contact me (Tel: 380744)

Did you know ?

Oliver Cromwells head spent more than 150 years wedged up a Woodbridge chimney in a house at the bottom of Pytches Road. The head, with facial skin and that familiar Cromwellian wart both intact, apparently used to get passed around at parties. After moving to a house in Theatre Street where it was kept under a bed in a box, the head was eventually taken up to London for identification after the owners death. While the head has now been formally re-buried behind a wall at Sydney Sussex, Cromwells old Cambridge College, rumour has it that on dark nights in Theatre Street or Pytches Road you might just come across a certain Puritan whos looking to get a head!