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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 8 Spring 2009

Learn on a Monday

In the survey conducted a while ago it was found that a substantial number of our congregation wanted opportunities to learn more about the Christian Faith. In response to this the Monday Talks and the Emmaus Courses were started, and these have been well attended and successful. After Easter we are starting a third venture which will take place on Mondays in term-time not already booked for a Monday Talk. The working title for these sessions is Learn on a Monday, and I will be responsible for running them.

These sessions will differ from the Monday Talks and Emmaus in a number of ways. They will be more of a discussion group than a talk, although the chosen subject will be introduced and explained. These subjects will be chosen by you, the participants allowing, of course, for the leader (usually me) to have a couple of weeks notice for preparation. If controversial subjects are nominated they will be accepted. Requests can be for subjects, or for answers to questions. The first three sessions are planned to be on the Bible: how it is made up, how it reached us, how we should read it, together with an overview of the Old and New Testaments. After that the agenda is yours. One question already suggested is, "Why did Jesus have to die on the cross for our sins?" which I think would make an excellent session.

We shall meet in St Mary's House at around 7.15 pm for coffee and a start at 7.30 pm. We shall end at 9.00 pm by saying Compline together. This, I think, is of paramount importance. Learning is often not easy and sometime uncomfortable; the timeless beauty of the last Office of the Day reassures us of God's love for us, and ours for each other.

What is prayer?

To be with God wondering, that is adoration
To be with God gratefully, that is thanksgiving
To be with God ashamed, that is contrition
To be with God with others on the heart, that is intercession
The secret is the quest of Gods presence

~ from Be still and know by Michael Ramsey