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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 8 Spring 2009

... continued   Sealed with a cross

budded cross

Sometimes a cross may appear "prettified" with twiddles and twirls. Not mere embellishment, these patterns actually hold a deeper meaning, or even two. The trefoils on a BUDDED cross,natal cross for example, represent the Trinity God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the new buds of resurrection life.

Star-shaped and encircled with a radiance, the dainty NATAL cross reminds us of the star in the East, leading the Wise Men to Jesus. crossletThe CROSSLET, a composite cross of four little crosses, backed by a lattice of four even smaller ones, is perhaps the most decorative, but its aim is symbolic the Gospel taken to the four corners of the earth.

© Illustrations by kind permission of Walter E Gast. Look at other Christian crosses on his website http://wegast.home.att.net/symbols/

student cross logo

If you happen to go into St Marys Church on the evening of Palm Sunday, you may be surprised to see a human-sized cross, lying in the centre of the church before the holy table, lit only by the flickering of tiny prayer candles. Brought each year by the Pilgrims of the Student Cross, the cross will remain there all night. They arrive with the cross in Woodbridge by boat, and are met by St Marys choir on Quayside. Processing up Quay Street and Church Street, singing Easter hymns, the pilgrims carry their heavy wooden cross into the church. After a time of quiet prayer, we offer them supper and a bed overnight, before they continue their journey on foot to Walsingham. This takes place each year, and is the Essex leg of the nationwide Student Cross Pilgrimage. To find out more, take a look at www.studentcross.org.uk.

If youd like to join in, just wait on Quayside at 5.50 pm on Palm Sunday (5 April) and join the procession up to St Marys Church.