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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 8 Spring 2009

Focusing on Creation

Celebrating its 30th birthday in March, St Marys Focus Group is looking forward to another exciting programme of monthly talks and the "focus" this year is on Gods creation.

With a summer outing to Beth Chattos garden as a highlight, the Suffolk Coast featured by former Sandlings ranger Michael Stagg, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust by Dr David Healey, and a talk by Daphne Lloyd about Foxburrow Farm, Gods creation will be given a local focus. A variation on the theme comes with Beryl Dyers memories of a Norwegian coastal voyage. Our usual church crawl, led by Roy Tricker, will take place in midsummer, but our year begins with an Anniversary Celebration Supper, when founder and past members will be joining us so we have much to look forward to.

We come together to learn from speakers and each other and to pray together, and our evenings end with a prayer. Everyone is welcome. Signed-up members pay an annual subscription of 5.00, but for 1.00 a time visitors are welcome to come along to the meetings (which take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, March to October). Any expenses come out of the subscriptions, but we give the rest, together with money from an annual coffee morning, to charity.

MU members with Kevan

Variety performance

St Mary's Mothers' Union held its first meeting of 2009 on 8 January. Thirty members and five guests enjoyed lunch together, followed by a quiz What makes a Christmas lunch? and Roshan Horabins account of Christmas in Bombay. We then performed a short play, Pantomime for a change. The afternoon ended by singing popular songs from the old days and a good time was had by all!