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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 8 Spring 2009

Open the book


Open the book could be for YOU!

What is it?

Open the book is a series of 90 Bible stories presented weekly in school assembly over three school years. A national project, it has now started up in Bury and Ipswich and is beginning to spread to other parts of Suffolk.

Based on the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman, the first thirty short stories (10-15 minutes on average) give The big picture of the Bible, from Genesis to Acts. The second and third years cover Jesus and the Early Church, and Heroes, heroines and children in the Bible.

The stories are told by teams of local church volunteers, and brought to life using visual aids and simple drama. A short, guided reflection follows the story, giving the children a chance to relate it to their everyday lives. Finally, there is a short prayer, which the children are invited to make their own (there is no assumption that they pray) by joining in the Amen.

The storytellers have a "How-to-do-it" booklet, which gives the script and hints on how best to present it. Those involved say that it is great fun.

Open the book is offered free to schools. It is a real opportunity to present Bible stories to an un-churched generation and to help schools provide collective worship of "a largely Christian nature" (which by law they are obliged to do).

If youd like to join in, contact Barbara Gallagher, Suffolk Area Co-ordinator (Tel 01449 711337 or barbarajg@btopenworld.com)
For local primary schools, contact Lin Morphy (Tel 01473 626858)