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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009

Worth celebrating

St. Edmundsbury Cathedral

2009 has been a very special year at our cathedral starting with the Royal Maundy Service on 9 April, when Her Majesty The Queen presented the Maundy money to 89 men and women, one for each year of her reign, who had given great service to the Church or the Community in Suffolk.

The second very special occasion for us at St Marys was in May when our Rector, Kevan McCormack, was installed as an Honorary Canon of St Edmundsbury Cathedral as a well-deserved recognition of his ministry here in Woodbridge and also at the Royal Hospital School.

The most recent celebration was the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, for the consecration of the new cloisters, crypt and chapel on 5 June, followed by a picnic in the Abbey Gardens.

© Image reproduced by permission of BuryStEdmunds.co.uk

fishing smack excelsior

Anyone for sailing?

As part of their busy summer programme this year, Woodbridge-based Christian youth work charity Just42 are including an opportunity at the end of August for nine young people to sail off the Suffolk coast in the magnificent former Lowestoft fishing smack Excelsior (pictured).

Built in 1921 and restored in 1989, this 33 metre gaff-rigged vessel is operated by the Cirdan Trust and Just42 have been helped by the Bluebell Fund to enable some of their young people to take advantage of what could be, for some, a life-changing experience.

To find out more please contact Mike Simpson (Tel: 380992) or look at Just42s website: www.just42.org.uk