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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009
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Just swap it!

Are you short of clothes or looking to get rid of some? What about finding second-hand school kit for the children or off-loading unwanted saucepans? Whatever youve got or might want, anyone is welcome to come and try their luck at the Woodbridge Swap It club.

The rules of the game are simple, says local organizer Becky Hamilton, who set up the first local Swap It meeting last year. All you do is roll up to Costa Coffee in the Thoroughfare, pay 1 on the door and start swapping. "Were currently holding the meetings on the last Tuesday of every other month," explained Becky, "and were getting some real committed swappers now and people seem to love it."

The concept was begun nationally by Oxfam, with Costa Coffee providing a Woodbridge venue and proceeds going to charity. "We started off with about 20 people and now were getting around 100. Theres a terrific buzz about the evenings," said Becky. Local Swap It events have also included school uniform swaps at Kyson Primary School, and as more people get the bug, "My hope is that people will take it on as a way of life," she said.

The next Woodbridge Swap It will be on 28 July, from 7.00-9.00 pm at Costa Coffee. Come and see for yourself.
guide playing violin

Guides entertain for Africa

To begin the celebrations for 100 years of Guiding, each unit was challenged to Change the world. From a choice of 19 projects, St Mary's Guides opted to support Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), which works in some African countries. Through Camfed, 7.50 buys a pair of shoes to enable a girl to walk to school; 14 provides a school uniform; 25 buys one girls books and stationery for a year; and 75 covers the cost of everything that one girl needs to go to school for a year.

Our Guides have so far raised around 100 from a cake stall, and from an evenings entertainment which included solo singers and instrumentalists, group drama performances and a (model) hamster displaying skills in the martial arts as well as stalls and competitions. Our thanks go to local businesses for the raffle prizes.