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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009

More roads to Emmaus

Anyone wanting to take the Emmaus road to Bible-related study and discussion can join the new sessions, beginning on 7 October. St Marys groups meet fortnightly, allowing participants to explore aspects of being a Christian and to grow in faith. "We all start where we are and ask questions and look for answers together," explained Tony Waller, who helps to lead the sessions.

Further information will be available at the back of St Mary's Church in September, or ring Tony Waller (Tel: 386786)

Quiet Day

The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer will be holding a Quiet Day on Saturday 10 October at Rookery Farm, Eyke. All welcome.

For further details and to book for this Quiet Day, please contact Michael Stagg (Tel: 387280)

Communion for kids

St Marys will be holding a special Eucharist for children twice a term on a Sunday. Their Eucharist runs parallel with the usual 10 oclock service and has three main aims:

The service does not replace Sunday school or the informal participation of children in the main service at other times.