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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009

Getting connected?

I bought my first computer in 1996. It enabled me to store information, organise my day and communicate with others in a way that would not have been possible before. In the last few years technology has continued to advance and our ability to store information, organise our lives and communicate with each other is being greatly refined.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the wireless router. This is an amazing piece of technology and I am free to choose where I sit with my laptop. This is because the laptop can speak to the router, a little box which has an aerial on top of it, and that in itself speaks to the telephone line. I am not sure how it works but I know that it does and that I am connected. I also know that if it went wrong I wouldnt have the foggiest idea how to put it right!

Sometimes I think that at the centre of our existence there is some kind of perfect dimension of being that works like a server, a central computer where all information and e-mail is stored and disseminated. I also believe that it is perfectly possible to be connected to it. In some ways our parish church acts like a wireless router. Now the router could be another person, Jesus Christ, or it could be poetry or a painting or music. But I am convinced that I make the most effective connection with the being at the centre of my existence, my spiritual server, when I gather with other people who are trying to communicate with theirs within the framework of all that our parish church offers.

I cannot impose upon you what I believe to be true about that which gives meaning to my life, but I invite you to look at what our ancient parish church offers. The building is beautiful inside and it is open all day. It is a place where anyone can go to sit, to wonder, to worry, to think, to cry, to laugh, perhaps to pray; to just be still. It is a place where people gather together to try and work out if there is a being at the centre of our existence and whether it is possible to make a connection. Really, that is what all our services are about, and you are most welcome to any of them. Doing the job I do it is easy for me to say this, but St Marys Parish Church is my spiritual home and I wonder if there is value in your making it yours too, so that with me you can have a go at making a connection?