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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009

Thanks for your Christian Aid

Woodbridge Churches raised over 6,000 as their collection for this years Christian Aid Week. This is a fantastic possibly record-breaking amount, and does not include St Andrews, Melton who collect separately. St Mary's raised over 3,000, plus another 395 to be claimed in Gift Aid.

back to church sunday logo

Back to Church Sunday anyone?

Have you had a break from church or wondered about attending a service for the first time? One option for anyone wanting to test the current water at St Marys is our Back to Church Sunday on 27 September. An annual day for churches throughout the country, it is designed for people who want to give church a try or another try without feeling embarrassed or guilty.

The Back to Church theme will apply to all our services on 27 September: 8.00 am Holy Communion, 10.00 am Parish Eucharist (followed by coffee and cake) and 6.30 pm Evening Prayer. Why not come along youll be very welcome.

For more information visit our website: www.stmaryswoodbridge.org

A returner to St Johns, Jersey writes: "I just got out of the habit of going to church and had been thinking about coming to church for a while. An invitation was just what I needed. Ill definitely be back."

Mothers Union: action and outreach to prisons

St Marys Mothers Union is organising some help for the Youth Offenders Unit at Hollesley Bay in making tea on Wednesdays for the families of young people on remand. The commitment would be for once a month. Some of the families travel many miles for visits and there are no refreshments available near by or within the unit itself. We also hope to introduce parenting classes and help with life skills for the young people.

Interested in volunteering for either of these projects? Please contact Pauline Bowbrick (Tel: 386423)