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News and views from St. Mary's Woodbridge
Issue 9 Summer 2009
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Nappies get real!

Did you know a disposable nappy can take 100 years before it starts to decompose? So, while your baby grows up, goes to school, gets married, has kids, retires, has grandchildren the nappies she or he first used just sit in landfill, taking up space and causing more pollution.

Choosing real nappies is best for the environment

We want to ensure that the world our children and grandchildren inherit is a sustainable one. Each disposable nappy uses about a cup of oil. Buried nappy waste gives off methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. By using cloth nappies, the waste goes into the sewage network where it belongs, is treated and becomes inert.

Choosing real nappies is best for your pocket

Most people are surprised to learn that disposable nappies will cost about 10 per week. Real nappies will save you a lot of money in the long run. A birth-to-potty set of real nappies starts from around 70 and even with the most expensive nappy system you are unlikely to spend more than 300 for your first child. If you have any more children you simply re-use your nappies!

Choosing real nappies is best for your baby

Real nappies help with potty-training as children learn to associate the wet feeling with needing to go to the loo!

Choosing real nappies is easy

Theres a lot of information and help out there!

Suffolk Real Nappy Network is a voluntary organisation, offering advice, information and practical demonstrations. Tel: 0870 005 3985 or visit www.suffolkrealnappynetwork.org.uk

B-Neutral Eco-Store, Unit 2, The Sidings, Melton stocks a large selection of real nappies. Sue will be happy to discuss the various options and answer questions. She hopes to start a Buy-before-you-try scheme. Tel: 388900 or visit www.b-neutral.co.uk