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Building Project Appeal

History in the making, with your help


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of St Mary's has been working on plans to revitalise and refurbish St Mary's House as well as provide new facilities for St Mary's Church.

The need to act is now urgent.

Our Story

St. Mary’s House is integral to St. Mary’s Church and to the mission of the wider community.
The plans also involve making the church more welcoming and accessible, while
preserving its magnificent beauty and heritage.


Together with the churchyard, they are places of welcome, wonder and worship for everyone, and in the heart of the Woodbridge community.


We have been blessed by a generous legacy of over half a
million pounds from the late Dr. James Harper, and other amazing donations. At the
same time, we have a long way to go to reach our target of [£2.5] million. We are
applying already for funds from a wide range of charitable organisations, but need
also to raise money in the whole community of Woodbridge as well as the
congregation of St. Mary’s. We expect to be required to match any funds we are
awarded and our target, to be matched is £[1 million].

Eight patrons have graciously given us their support

and we invite you to join:

Mr Michael Booth

Miss Veronica Howe

Mr Griff Rhys Jones, OBE

Mrs Gill Notcutt

Mr William Nye, LVO

Mr John McCarthy, CBE

Canon Roy Tricker, BEM

Sir Nick Young


Planning permission is currently being sought and, although it will be some time before the building work commences, we have a great deal of money to raise.

You can help and donate in several ways:

Our Clients

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