Lent 2021

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Bishops' Lent Appeal for Kagera 2021

Are you ready to count your saucepans? How many musical instruments are hidden in your attics? In 2021 we're again asking for your support for Kagera. We know that many here are suffering hardship because of the pandemic yet continue to support their communities with love and care. Can we extend that spirit of compassion to our partners in Kagera? This year's theme is 'Supporting key workers in Kagera', thinking in particular of farmers, doctors and priests who all provide vital services to their communities helping and encouraging them to lift themselves out of poverty.

There are plenty of fundraising ideas at www.cofesuffolk.org/bishops-lent-appeal. It would be great if you'd join in again! And yes, there is a new Lent Challenge booklet where as well as counting pans and musical instruments there will be lots to do besides. Download your copy HERE


There's also a information leaflet giving details of the Kagera projects we're supporting and how you can donate to this cause. Download your copy HERE

The link to Bishop Mike's video is https://youtu.be/Taqr7THVOY8

Radical Faith

A series of Wednesday Evening Lectures beginning Wednesday 24 February

via Zoom

Further details available HERE

Time to Reflect's Suggestions for Lent Books 2021


Living His Story: Revealing the extraordinary love of God in ordinary ways

(The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2021)

Hannah Steele

SPCK £9.99 (9789-0-281-08517-0)

“a fresh perspective on evangelism”, helping us “become more confident and creative in the task of witnessing”. Commended to anyone “who feels their inner evangelist has nodded off”. The author argues that Lent is the right season to prepare for the Easter morning call to “go and tell”.


The Way Of Benedict

Laurentia Johns OSB

Publisher : SPCK  £7.95 (978-0-281-075812)

Our world badly needs Christ's light and peace. One way to bring these blessings to one another is to attend to our own hearts and to learn to live well. 
Living Lent well involves turning back to God to receive his blessing. In this deep and practical book, a guide for Lent and the rest of the year, Sr Laurentia distils the sixth-century Rule of St Benedict as a series of blessings. Closely based on Scripture, the Rule highlights that the whole of life has a Lenten character and points to a joyful eternity.

Holy Week Voices from the Holy Land

Fr Richard Nesbit

Available only from the Friends of the Holy Land £7.99

https://www.friendsoftheholyland.org.uk/           Poems and Reflections for Lent & Easter’ – (with Forewords by Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Archbishop Justin Welby)


Thy Will Be Done

Stephen Cherry

Bloomsbury £9.99  (978-1-4729-7825-7)

Takes a close look at the Lord’s Prayer and deepens our understanding of it with an understated wisdom. It is helpfully structured for a Lent read. Cherry unearths what we learn about God in its 57 Greek words but also how the prayer lays out a vision of grateful and non-anxious relationship with life’s provisions.

The Way of Julian of Norwich: A prayer journey through Lent
Sheila Upjohn
SPCK £9.99  (978-0-281-08369-5)

This book is drawn from many years of prayerful immersion in Julian’s ‘showings’. This is a book with a positive and homely spirit. It is centred on Julian’s comment that “our prayer makes God glad and happy. He wants it and waits for it so that, by his grace, he can make us like him in condition as we are in creation”. It is conversational in tone and practical in intent, each of its short six chapters ending with some questions and a reflection

Rooted in Love: Lent reflections on life in Christ
Sarah Mullaly
SPCK £9.99  (978-0-281- 08488-3)

This is a conventional Lent book, made up of 40 short chapters, each with a biblical reading, reflection, recommended ‘action’ and prayer. The chapters are written by the seven bishops of the diocese of London. The book’s first part aims to point us to Christ and then later explores our calling and what a maturity in Christ might look like.

A Cross in the Heart of God: Reflections on the death of Jesus
Samuel Wells
Canterbury Press £12.99  (978-1-78622-293-0)

Wells wants to “put conviction and a new sense of discovery” into the crucifixion taking us through the Hebrew scriptures, the Gospels and the Epistles. Two short chapters can be read each day through Lent and there is a study guide at the back of the book to stimulate thought and discussion. His approach is described as provoking and consoling in equal measure, “occasionally irritating but always widening our own cherished thoughts”. He concludes by saying, “Jesus hangs on the cross to show us the love that hangs on. Hang on to that love. It will never let you go.”

Candles in the Dark
Rowan Williams
Publisher : SPCK £9.99 (978-0-281-085965)

As we contemplate the coming months, not knowing when we can breathe again, it’s worth thinking about how already the foundations have been laid for whatever new opportunities God has for us on the far side of this crisis. Rowan Williams offers comfort, hope and encouragement for the troubled times of coronavirus.


2021 Diocesan Lent Courses which can be downloaded from these links -

Chichester Diocese

Here is the .pdf of the Introduction to the course -



The Church of England Lent 2021

Here is the link for these resources -


40 days of Kindness:  Lent 2021


We start Lent 2021 living with a Covid Restrictions, although at the time of writing we do not know whether they will ease to some extent during the month.  In any case we will be living with a world in which our options to be together are limited.  Even when restrictions ease, it may be that some people will be left behind in the rush to grasp a semblance of a “normal” life.  Loneliness will still be a big issue in our county..
As Christians with churches and small groups in every community in Suffolk, we have a chance to live the message “Love isn’t cancelled”.


There are still opportunities to care for and with each other even in the context of lockdown or social distancing.  40 days of Kindness is a Suffolk wide initiative of the diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich to facilitate and publicise neighbours working together  across our county within the restrictions: Using phone, internet, relay-working and more we can show what the Love of the Gospel message looks like in action.   The Lightwave Community and the Cathedral will be facilitating partnership and help, especially when needs or requests seem bigger than a single community can handle.  
This Labours of Love course was written specifically to help Christians in a small group to support each other, pray, serve and gently share faith through this 40 days of Kindness in Lent. It is however possible to take part in the practical initiative without undertaking the course.
We warmly commend 40 days of Kindness to you.  It is flexible to meet the circumstances of your area and our dream would be for there to be loving neighbours making a difference in this simple way in every benefice of our diocese.


The link for these resources is HERE




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