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Reap what you sow!

This has been an extraordinary week. After an exhausting voyeuristic excursion into the chaotic American Election process and seeing a ‘former’ President in meltdown, huge questions remain about the nature of power and the abuses of power. Most concerning for me, was hearing the prayers of white biblical fundamentalists telling God that the Democrats are wicked, devious, and dis-believing and, could God be on their side instead…and help them win victoriously.

You may well ask why there is a grey squirrel looking at you while holding on tightly to an acorn? I guess it reminded me of the hapless slave in today’s Gospel whose interests were completely selfish. He/she buried God’s gifts and hid them and when confronted, could only say: ‘It’s more fake news, leave me alone!’

It seems to have always been true that the human condition prefers a selfish rather than altruistic path. Thankfully there are so many exceptions and they are the people whom God calls to change our focus and direct us in new and different ways.

We should rejoice that across the world medical researchers and scientists have found a vaccine to combat the most virulent of viruses which has killed so many and, continues to do so. God cares about what we hope for, and what we need.

And there is ‘stature in waiting’ for the kindest and safest and best communal outcome rather than ‘a quick fix.’ When we convert ‘I’ to ‘We’ and think of the needs of others before ourselves, let God’s gifts, skills and prayer grow in us, and feed us…enough to become the strongest of oak trees rooted in Him.



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