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    BAPTISMS - the sacrament of baptism often takes place as part of a normal Sunday morning service but may also be arranged as a private event at another day or time. For many people baptism is a chance to experience a church service for the first time. At St Mary's they will receive a warm and very personal welcome from the Rector, Kevan McCormack, who will involve the whole congregation in what is happening: we the Christian community confirm our collective faith as the child or adult is baptised. Talk to the Rector

    WEDDINGS - couples approaching the Rector about getting married in church are doing so to show their love for each other and a commitment to grow more in love in the future as a couple, and with love itself. They are inviting God to be part of their love.

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    FUNERALS - if you are reading this page you may have just lost a loved one. If this is the case we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to you. For help to arrange a funeral please speak to a local Funeral Services director who will be pleased to contact us on your behalf.

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