The Mothers' Union is a world-wide organisation founded by Mary Sumner in 1876. It is open to all who have been baptised and support the aims and objectives of the Mothers' Union.

The aims and objectives are:
To uphold Christ's teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding.
To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the Church.
To maintain a world-wide fellowship of Christians, united in prayer, fellowship and service.
To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children.
To help those whose family life has met with adversity.
Our monthly meetings include speakers, a Reflection for Lent, and a fund raising cream tea and corporate communion three times a year before the meeting. New members are always welcome at our meetings, to join us in Christian fellowship.

Read a recent comment from one of our members -

“The Four Letter Words”

What! You say, really! Yes the MU do embrace four letter words and use them often. Maybe I might be surprising you,          

 maybe not. (When I started to write this I had to stop to count how many I had written down, I cannot include them all in this piece but perhaps afterwards you might add your own).

The MU help and pray for all those who are not as fortunate as ourselves, those who need help in our society, this includes those who suffer from Domestic Violence and perhaps some families with children that have never had a holiday.

We go into Prisons and Hospitals. Members give of their time to talk and maybe read to those who would like us to do so in hospital, maybe they would just like the news, if in hospital it could be local news of family and friends this to keep them in touch with the outside world and to help the time go by when just lying in a bed watching the clock tick by., and for those in prison we can and have shown that all is not lost and that we care and most of all that our Holy Lord cares and does love them, we can only try by giving of our time.

The MU raise money for various disasters that arise around the world, when the need arises we heed the call, a collection, an event, or maybe a lovely cream tea.

Yes, we have other times to share and enjoy, to sing at Christmas and maybe act a play!!

In this world today the MU a Christian Organization stands for good things in life. There is too much pain and hate, we cannot hope to free all the poor and the lost of the World and keep them safe but we in our own small way can keep them just a little more safe and show that someone will walk with them and show them to grow in trust and love, by education, food and sometimes the other practical things of life.

Come along, it is good to belong to the MU!!

Our meetings will be in the pew sheet, keep a watch for them. All are welcome.


Pauline Bowbrick

Spring 2020


Words: Help, Pray, Need, Give, Time, Talk, Read, Like, Lost, Care, Holy Lord, Love, Need, Call, Heed, Sing, Good, Life, Pain, Hate, Hope, Free, Poor, Lost, Safe, Walk and Grow.

St. Mary's Group - second Thursday in the month at 2.30 p.m. at St Mary's Church Centre (unless the programme states otherwise).

Email: - Tel. 01473 621558
or  - Tel. 01394 766907

A short message from St Mary's Mothers Union to all members and our Church family. We send our love, thoughts and prayers to you all, keep safe and we will see everyone again hopefully in the not to distant future.


Mothers' Union


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