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 Jesus said….  “Do not be afraid. I have called you by    your name, you are mine.”

This Sunday, in our church family, we listen to a beautiful story… Jesus is in a boat with his friends the disciples. The weather on the lake becomes very stormy, but Jesus is sleeping in the back of the boat. The disciples are terrified the boat will capsize and they will drown!             DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?

Well…. They wake Jesus up; they are frightened and in panic. Jesus asks them, “ WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID?….”

And Jesus held out his hand and commanded the winds and the waves to die down, and the wind and water became calm.

How do you think the disciples felt then? What do you think they said?


We have some activities for you about boats, stormy waters, and being afraid.

Don’t forget, God is always with us no matter what happens. The disciples in the boat should have known that shouldn’t they!!


Don’t forget your crayons if you can come to church.














Click on the following links for activity sheets to do at home.

Trinity 3 Hands

Trinity 3 Together at Home

Trinity 3. Jesus in a boat

Trinity 3 Safe in his boat

Trinity 3. Draw a boat

Junior Church is a thriving and vibrant part of the church family of St Mary’s. Please come along and introduce yourselves if you are new families to St Mary’s. We look forward to meeting you.

Our term time weekly session tends to be based around the gospel reading for the week. We add to this hands-on craft activity as a way of developing our understanding further and enjoying worshipping together. It is our aim to nurture faith and enable spirituality to grow within families and in the children who come to our church. We have developed strong links with St Mary’s Church of England Primary School. As a group we aim to meet socially at least once a term e.g for a shared meal, walk and picnic or other outing. Junior Church play a significant role within the main church services for all the main festivals.

We want to grow and develop the age specific groups that we offer and look forward to this developing further over the next 12 months.

Parent feedback is important to us so that we can continually refine what we do. Below is a summary of the overall aims we currently work towards.

What will my Child experience when we come to church as a family?

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