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Coronation Day - Singing in the Albert Hall

Two of our choir members, Patricia and Annie, were given a fantastic opportunity to sing on Coronation Day at the special concert in the Royal Albert Hall, and they shared their experience with us:

"The participation and preparation was organised locally through Cantus Firmus by Richard Hubbard, who is well known in the town, through St Mary’s Church and Woodbridge School, and who did a splendid and faultless job. The choir from Cantus Firmus numbered 77 and we became a massed choir from other churches and choirs across the UK, numbering 320 in total. In addition to the choir, there was an All Souls 120 piece orchestra conducted by Michael Andrews, a charismatic and interesting individual who only added to the amazing ambience of the evening.

Annie and Patricia at the Royal Albert Hall

There were other performers, The Kingdom Choir and Joanne Lunn, a renowned Baroque Soprano, adding beauty and professionalism to the concert.

Prior to the event, we had to attend a number of practise sessions which were great fun and a lot of laughing was involved, culminating in the concert itself. To be in the great Royal Albert Hall is wonderful, but to sing in a choir there is surely a privilege, and we are both so grateful to have been given that honour on such an auspicious day."

Birds eye view of singers at the Royal Albert Hall


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