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From the Churchwardens...

Anticipated eagerly, this week started with that historic return to public celebration of the Parish Eucharist, when it was most encouraging to see that the measures implemented to promote everyone’s safety did not detract from worship and forty-five people were present. It was a privilege both to welcome the congregation and to read-in Bishop Martin’s Licence of Andy’s Lay Ministry with us. The document was signed for return to the Diocese and Andy assisted Peter at the altar.

Simultaneously, with what was happening in church, the first virtual service was accessible on line. Thanks to a colossal effort, particularly by Rita and more recently David, plus support from all of the contributors, this was an amazing first effort and – we know now – very much appreciated by many, with over 90 hits on the first day and 120+ at the time of writing. Rita hopes to establish a similar alternating pattern in the weeks to come. We are very grateful.

We were delighted to learn on Thursday that the renovation of the Rectory is looking very good, the work is on schedule and so it will be ready for when Nigel and Liz move in towards the end of the month.

Please do look at page 8-9 for guidance about this Sunday’s Parish Eucharist. Early on Friday morning, there are still several seats available; booking through the Parish Office until the end of the day would be very helpful, but it looks as though some seats for individuals, or those from households or ‘bubbles’, may still be available to redeem on Sunday itself.

As we continue to care for each other, please accept our love, prayers and best wishes for you, your family and friends.

Barbara & Veronica

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