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From the Churchwardens

Well, this has been the week of carrying on … No initiatives, but more of the same, which is bringing its own comforts!

The second Parish Eucharist conducted - this time by John - again was well attended, by a mix of ‘veterans’ from Week 1 and those venturing forth for the first time, with the arrangements evolving, both practically and liturgically, but the overwhelming response being one of joy and positivity that it could take place. As envisaged, the bookings system will continue until further notice.

You may have seen ‘the second online sermon’, delivered by Andy, and are about to have the chance to share ‘the second virtual Eucharist’, presided over by Peter. As mentioned last week, this alternating pattern is expected to continue for the next few weeks. We are very grateful to those who are expanding our church’s methods of communication.

The Rectory is nearing the completion of building and decorative work by the Diocese and will be ready for the arrival of Nigel and Liz towards the end of the month. We are mindful of the need for everyone to allow them to settle and have a period of rest, relaxation and reflection, before the Institution, which will occur (probably online) on 24th August, on which date Nigel will take up the duties of Rector of St Mary’s, Woodbridge and Priest-in-Charge of St Mary’s, Great Bealings. We pray for them both, as they prepare to leave Sussex and join us all in pastures new.

We would hope to maintain the current structure of private prayer sessions and the Parish Eucharist throughout the summer and - in the meantime - as we continue to care for each other, please accept our love, prayers and best wishes for you, your family and friends.

Barbara & Veronica


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