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B Club @ Junior Church

“ B CLUB ” KIDS AND FAMILY TIME SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER “You are my friends…. LOVE one another as I love you” In our church family this Sunday, we hear Jesus telling us that we are his friends, and how much he loves us. But he gives us a very important RULE….. that we must love one another as much as he loves us. He chose you and me, to bear much fruit…( remember the vine from last week) and spread love to one another. We have some activities for you about important rules and the very special one of loving each other. · Note for parents/carers…. This Sunday is the last Sunday of Easter. Next week we will be celebrating The Ascension of Our Lord back to his Father in Heaven, and following that, the Feast of Pentecost. Look out for some special activities for our families and children. If you can come to church on Sunday at 10am, remember to bring your crayons.